We cover a multitude of disciplines to protect, enhance and preserve the environment that is around us.

Sustainable Future

As Business Cube and the serviced office industry has grown, sustainability has become more of a hot topic and vital importance within our network of buildings and with our clients.

We have become more mindful to listen and learn about all things that can help us to become a more sustainable and environmentally aware service provider and appreciate this is now a huge part of any decision when taking an office.

There are several initiatives which we have in place and ones which we are working towards to ensure we are all doing our best within the realms of our capabilities and the infrastructure we have. We cover a multitude of disciplines to protect, enhance and preserve the environment that is around us.

Respect & Protect

We are constantly seeking ways to reduce waste and promote eco-friendly practices across our entire operation with the aim of having a positive social and environmental impact.

We encourage our staff and clients to ride into work on bikes. In all our buildings we provide bike storage and shower facilities.

  • We encourage using eco-friendly public transport.
  • Out of working hours we use automotive security infrastructure rather than additional staff to provide peace of mind but also avoiding unnecessary journeys.
  • We encourage our clients to use filter taps so their staff will refill their water bottles.
  • We are introducing a new initiative this year and will be providing recycling bags for paper, glass and aluminium & plastic. We currently have recycling bags however the items are recycled at source, and we want to ensure the process is being followed by all our internal staff and clients.
  • Where we have greenery and gardens within our grounds, we aim to plant, grow and preserve the environment that surrounds us.

Saving energy

  • Moving forward all our new contracts are with renewable energy providers.
  • We are constantly working to decrease the pollution through reducing our consumption of energy across all our buildings. We use LED panel lighting, reducing client energy usage & our carbon footprint.
  • Installation of LED lighting motion sensors.
  • Heating & cooling are set on timers. Those buildings that are using older systems, we encourage clients to turn off heating and lights when not required.
  • Fitting of insulation and air sealing material to reduce the amount of heating & cooling within the office.

Environmental management

  • We have implemented a process of bulk ordering to avoid wastage and reduce carbon footprint.
  • We employ our own maintenance and service staff to reduce the need for external contractors. This reduces not only carbon footprint but also helps us to manage and maintain our own internal environmental standards & being able to manage the materials being used for each job to ensure there is no waste, and where possible to use sustainable items.

Building in a sustainable environment

  • Working in a Flexible environment allows us to plan our pre-build and fit-outs well in advance. This permits us to consider prioritising sustainable materials with our construction and interior decoration, such as wood from sustainable forestry. In terms of equipment, we pay close attention to the energy efficiency ratings of every appliance and piece of technology we install and we will always consider making the switch to LED lighting where possible.
  • Low flow, sensor-operated taps – we are seeking to install sensor taps in any new building. The taps use up to 70% less water than traditional taps when they are running as well as reducing wastage as they cannot be inadvertently left on. 
  • Each might only make a small difference, but together they can contribute to a significant impact.

Business Cube Initiatives

Plant a tree fund


Trees are essential for life. They clean the air we breathe, lock up carbon as they grow and provide homes for wildlife.

We know that trees are one of our best natural defences against climate change which is devastating places where people and nature can thrive. We predict that planting and establishing 20 million trees will, at their peak, store around 300,000 tonnes of carbon a year.

That’s why Business Cube have joined forces with The National Trust to donate money and plant a tree for every client that is currently in each of our buildings and for every new client who joins Business Cube.

These new trees will create new habitats for wildlife and will help nature flourish and create natural spaces for people to enjoy.

Business Cube will now be supporting life for years to come.

Dear Craig,

Thank you for your donation of £3000.00 in celebration of Tenants Of Business Cube to the Plant a Tree fund. We greatly appreciate your support now more than ever, and your donation will help look after these precious places for generations to come.

Since 1895, people like you have come together in the belief that nature, beauty and history are for everyone. Although we’re now in a changed world, our mission stays the same to protect and look after places so that people and nature can thrive.

Your gift today helps look after the places you love so that future generations may find the same joy, peace and inspiration that you do.

Thank you for doing your bit to look after nature, beauty and history.

With warmest wishes,
Lydia Lee | Fundraising Director


  • We organise health and wellbeing seminars for all our clients on an annual basis.
  • We encourage wellbeing across our entire portfolio offering a concierge service where we can help companies find group discount bookings for health clubs and gyms in the surrounding areas.
  • We are a “Bike Friendly” provider and encourage our staff and clients to travel by bike to and from work. We have increased the number of cycle racks and made sure we have wash facilities in all our buildings.
  • We are a “Pet Friendly” operator and where able we welcome dogs into our buildings so that clients are able to spend time with their fur babies who bring so much love and warmth into the space and people around them.

How you can help

Get involved

When it comes to the environment, we’re all in this together and to make our initiatives work we’d love your help. You can do this in many ways from reporting leaking taps & broken lights.

We would very much appreciate your contribution in saving energy and protecting our local environment.

Sustainability champion

Business Cube are seeking to appoint a Sustainability Champion over the next few months.

This role will involve ensuring we are following protocol as mention in all the above points and will seek to drive new initiatives forward.

This person will be the main point of contact for discussing any new initiatives put forward by clients.