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The Top 3 Reasons You Should Opt for a Serviced Office Space

The year of 2020 and the era of COVID – 19 has seen a move away from office life as people are temporarily encouraged to work from home.
Yet with the news of a vaccine on the horizon, many companies will look towards renting office space in a more flexible way that can accommodate those employees who have found working from home beneficial and those who are itching to get back to a more collaborative environment. In this instance, companies will want to look at options such as serviced office space to find the perfect solution.

Here’s our top 3 reasons companies should opt for a serviced office:

1. Flexibility

Serviced office spaces offer flexible licence agreements varying in length, offering anything between a couple of months – years licences, giving new businesses the opportunity to try out office space and increase (or even decrease) the size of your space depending on what your company demands are. A common misconception about serviced offices is that the trade-off for these flexible or shorter agreements is the lack of brand identity within your space. As Business Cube offer self-contained spaces, we encourage current and prospective tenants to really make their space their own with brand colours, logos and (mostly) anything! Serviced offices are more than often willing to accommodate you should you need to make changes to your space, whether that means building new meeting rooms or knocking down walls to create a more open plan office. dapibus leo.

2. Facilities

They offer a wealth of facilities that are included in an all in one price. Cleaning, maintenance, reception support, business rates, business lounges, 24/7 access… the list goes on. Increasingly, serviced office spaces are providing amazing breakout spaces, such as rooftop areas for clients to enjoy and even hire for their sole use.

3. Save time and money

You’ll save so much time. Think about how long it takes to find a reasonably affordable maintenance person to come in just to put a couple of pictures up in your new office. With a serviced office everything is just one call or email away. You’ll have more time to focus on your business’ needs while your office is already being taken care of.

You’ll also save money. It’s optional but most of our tenants take the fully furnished office space route with us. We can design the floor plans with you, supply the furniture and everything will be set up by the time you move in. That saves on removal costs and doesn’t lock you into buying office furniture you may later not need. Having simpler contracts that require rent monthly and all-inclusive bills will also make your accounts management much happier, taking up much less time and overall improving productivity.

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